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xUnit1026 Warning

Theory methods should use all of their parameters

This is a documentation stub

Please submit a PR with updates to the appropriate file or create an issue if you see this.


A concise-as-possible description of when this rule is violated. If there’s a lot to explain, begin with “A violation of this rule occurs when…”

Reason for rule

Explain why the user should care about the violation.

How to fix violations

To fix a violation of this rule, [describe how to fix a violation].



Example(s) of code that violates the rule.

Does not violate

Example(s) of code that does not violate the rule.

How to suppress violations

If the severity of your analyzer isn’t Warning, delete this section.

#pragma warning disable xUnit0000 // <Rule name>
#pragma warning restore xUnit0000 // <Rule name>
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